How you as a startup or SMB can can make your website visitors understand your offering in less than 90 seconds

You understand it! We understand it!

But does your customer also understand it?

Your offer explained in less than 90 seconds – with an explainer video from TopVideoAnimation

Why so many website visitors do not become paying customers?


… because your offer is understandable for you, but too complex for your customer


… because website visitors are reluctant to read long text “only” to understand your offer


… because you don’t succeed in presenting your offer in the short attention span of website visitors


Website visitors want to understand your offer in the shortest possible time in order to evaluate whether it may be relevant to them or not

… and this is where your explainer video comes into play



… because it explains your offer in less than 90 seconds


… because video content is easier for website visitors to digest than text


… because it offers website visitors an efficient entry into your channels

There are numerous statistics that prove the positive effect of explainer videos


… of website visitors remember the core message when they have seen a video, compared to only 10% when they read a text


… of users watch explainer videos to understand products


… more conversions through videos on the landing page

This is how your explainer video can look like

Examples Explainer Videos

Examples Whiteboard Videos

This is what you will get



30s / 60s / 90s





Style: Whiteboard vs. Explainer















Video Animation 





Background Music





Voice Over





Feedback loops



Of course, we can also respond to special requests


Multiple languages


An international website requires explainer videos in multiple languages. With us you get your explainer video in up to 4 languages selected by you.




On social media, videos are often played automatically without sound. To ensure that your core message is still spread, we offer the possibility to add subtitles.


Facebook Cover Video


That’s some extra for your Facebook appearance. Welcome visitors with your explainer video in the “cover” section of your company page.

In just 3 steps to your explainer video

Step 1

Schedule a free call! You’re just one click away from it.

Step 2

In the first call we get to know each other, clarify all questions and check if and how we can support you.

Step 3

Then you make a decision about whether we should become the partner for your explainer video.

Then we get closer to your explainer video step by step


Questionnaire & Briefing Interview


Together, we set the framework for your explainer video. Tell us about your offering, the preferred video style and your goals.

Your time: 60min (clarification frame conditions)




Our experts work out a convincing story – in a nutshell and clearly understandable.

Your time: 30min (review of the storyline)


The coordinated story is now enriched with graphics.

Your time: 30min (review of the storyboard)

Animation & Voice Over

In the final step, we transform the written story and the drawn graphics into your animated explainer video.

Your time: 30min (review of the video)

This team is behind your explainer video


Head of Production & Customer Service


Head of Strategy & Sales

Our background

Our origin lies on the customer side. That’s why we understand exactly what questions, challenges and requirements our customers have. This knowledge, coupled with our professional experience in the financial and digital environment as well as our carefully selected network of experts, enables us to produce compelling explainer videos for our customers.

Software & IT

Innovative products, but still complex. We make sure that your customer understands the benefit of your offer before losing interest.


Novel solutions that require trust. We provide clarity and provide the necessary security that your customer needs.

TopVideoAnimation – The perfect partner for your explainer video


Our competition





Story & Content



Standard story without background knowledge about your offer

Convincing storyline with expertise in your field of activity






Long processes coupled with complicated communication

We communicate quickly and efficiently via email, phone & Whatsapp



Feedback loops



Limited number of feedback loops

Feedback loops at every process step to meet your needs

Long story short:

We are convinced to be the right partner for you. Convince yourself and schedule a free call now.

Do you have any questions?


Here you will find the answers!

What kind of videos do we offer?

We specialize in the creation of individually animated explainer videos. We are currently focusing on two types of animated videos. You can choose between whiteboard and explainer videos.

What is an explainer video?

An explainer video is a usually short, in our case animated film that describes your product or service and sums up the key messages.

What added value does an explainer video offer me?

Explainer videos are great for displaying abstract or complex content. An animated video can easily and originally reflect content. The animations are easily remembered by potential customers and such a video is also an eye-catcher on any website.

You can use explainer videos across multiple channels. In addition to being used on your website, you can integrate the animated videos into your social media appearances (e.g. Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn or Instagram) or integrate them into a newsletter.

What do we need from you?

First things first – we will guide you completely through the process and contact you when we need input. An overview of the process can be found at the top of our website. We start with a questionnaire that you can fill in advance. Afterwards, a joint discussion will take place to further detail your requirements and clarify open questions.

Which style is the right one for my explainer video?

Our videos are tailored to your needs. Different animation styles often mix. Inspiration and examples of related videos can be found above on our website.

How long should an explainer video be?

Studies and our experience show that an explainer video should not be longer than two minutes. If a video exceeds this limit, the risk of a potential customer canceling the video and leaving the site increases. Ideally, an explainer video takes a maximum of 90 seconds and focuses on the key messages of your product or service.

How much does an explainer video cost?

The pricing is dependent on the individual video requirements of our clients. As soon as we know those requirements, we will clearly communicate your individual pricing with you during our calls.

How long does video production take?

We will deliver the explainer video to you by default within 14 days. If you need the video faster, we can shorten the process to 7 days at an extra cost. An overview of our prices and product designs can be found above on our website.

What are the components of our video production?

In the end, of course, you will always receive an individual explainer video. This includes an associated voice-over, music and sound effects. Along the way, we’ll talk to you about the relevant content and designs and create a converting script with your input.

In short: You get everything you need from us for your individual explainer video.

Let’s get started

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